News & Events

  • Elizabeth F. Smith, Dean of the Faculty, has awarded Professor Peter Jacobi the 2018-2019 Robert A. Fish 1918 Memorial Prize. This award is given to a newly retired faculty member in commemoration of a career of undergraduate teaching at Dartmouth.

    His name will be added to the permanent plaque located in the Hopkins Center corridor opposite the Jaffe-Friede Gallery.

  • Chenfeng and Kat are among 12 chemists who received the 2019 Cottrell Scholar Award from Research Corporation for Science Advancement. “These awards provide $100,000 to each recipient identified as a leader in integrating science teaching and research at a top U.S. research university or a primarily undergraduate institution,” the Cottrell award committee writes.

  • Chemist’s work on 3D printing materials for tissue replacement is funded for four years.

  • Dave Lemal has had a long and very distinguished career as an organic chemist. He has now published his final scientific paper, co-authored by Professor P. Hughes.

    PDF iconCompeting (4+2) and (2+2) cycloaddition reactions of...

  • Chemistry department diversity and inclusion plan

    The Dartmouth chemistry department welcomes students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds.  In our community, every individual, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability, nationality, political or religious views, or position within the institution, is respected and valued. To increase diversity in our faculty and staff, we recruit,...

  • The Aprahamian group developed a new photochromic compound (JACS 2018, 140, 12323), whose flourescence emission can be toggled ON and OFF in solution and the solid-state Link

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry Katherine Mirica and Treb Allen, the Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics and Globalization, and  have each won 2018 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowships, two of the 126 two-year, $65,000 fellowships awarded this year.

    “I’m so pleased to see two of Dartmouth’s newest teacher-scholars recognized with the prestigious Sloan Fellowship.  It’s a testimony to the outstanding quality of our faculty and their potential for impact on the world,” says...

  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry Katherine Mirica has been awarded the Army Research Office Young Investigator Award. This award seeks to identify and support early career scientists who show exceptional promise for doing creative research. This grant will support Prof. Mirica’s research on the topic of “Magnetoelectronic Sensors for Gasotransmitters.”

  • Chenfeng Ke, assistant professor of chemistry

    Assistant Professor Chenfeng Ke focuses on developing smart materials for use in 3D printing, elastic crystalline organic materials for energy and environmental related applications, and carbohydrate receptors for biological applications. The research in the Ke Functional Materials Group overlaps organic synthesis, crystal...

  • The Department of Chemistry seeks an individual with a Ph.D. in chemistry who has already established a nationally recognized research program in synthetic organic chemistry, whose research interests will complement those of the current faculty, and who will excel at teaching in our Undergraduate and Ph.D. curricula. We particularly seek candidates who will help lead collaborative research projects both within the Department and involving other Dartmouth researchers, including those at...