Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit Information

To get Dartmouth credit for a chemistry course taken elsewhere, please apply AHEAD OF TIME.

First, get the transfer credit form from the registrar's office and discuss the college regulations with their staff.

Next, bring the chemistry department chair (Dean Wilxcox) the transfer credit form, plus a detailed syllabus, including lab information, for the proposed course.  Note the important deadline information. Application forms for prior approval for transfer terms and courses are available in the Office of the Registrar. 

The deadline for filing these forms, completed and signed by the appropriate department chair or designate, in the Office of the Registrar is the beginning of the sixth week of the Dartmouth term immediately preceding the intended transfer term. Application deadline dates are indicated on the Academic Calendar. However, some academic departments have separate and earlier deadlines. Students are strongly urged to file early in order to have Dartmouth approval before enrolling elsewhere. Oral approval does not serve in place of written approval.