The Paul R. Shafer & Douglas M. Bowen Award

Established in 1998 in memory of Professors Shafer and Bowen, this award is funded by gifts from Professor Jerome Gurst, Dartmouth Class of 1960, and is awarded to one or more senior chemistry majors for outstanding performance as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. The award includes an inscribed plaque and a cash award. In addition, each winner's name is inscribed on the Paul R. Shafer and Douglas M. Bowen Award plaque displayed in the Marx Lounge of Burke Laboratory.

About Paul R. Shafer

An organic chemist who specialized in NMR and built the department's first NMR spectrometer, Professor Shafer was a member of the faculty from 1952 to 1988 and was Professor Emeritus at the time of his death in 1994. He served as chair of the division of sciences, chair of the chemistry department, and associate dean for the sciences here, and during World War II, he was a bomber pilot in the Army Air Force who survived having his aircraft downed over Africa. An avid outdoorsman, Shafer enjoyed backpacking, rock climbing, sailing and skiing. In the 1970s, he taught rock climbing to numerous Dartmouth students and was an adviser to the student mountaineering club. During a leave of absence in 1973-74, Shafer led a four-vehicle safari on a 25,000-mile trip which nearly circumnavigated Africa from Tunisia to Ethiopia. His three sons were among those accompanying him on the journey.

About Douglas M. Bowen

Professor Bowen was also an organic chemist who joined the faculty in 1945. He served as College Registrar for many years and was Registrar and Professor Emeritus at the time of his death in 1995.


  • 2019 winner:  Phoebe Cunningham , Carly Tymm,  Nick Samel, Gyan Moorthy
  • 2018 winner:  Jacqueline R. Anders , and Julie B. Becher
  • 2017 winners: Carrie Ann Davison '17 and Christine Park '17
  • 2016 winner:  Matthew Barnes '16
  • 2015 winner:  Daniel P. Malinowski '15
  • 2014 winners: Saara-Anne Azizi '14 and Ryan W. Tibble '14
  • 2013 winner:  Andrew H. Zureick '13
  • 2012 winners: Timothy M. Abbot '12 and Rebecca J. Rapf '12
  • 2011 winners: David C. Qian '11 and Krina S. Shah '11
  • 2010 winners: Boer Deng '10 and Emma Nairn '10
  • 2009 winners: Alexandra East '09 and Reem A. Hannun '09
  • 2008 winners: Cyrus A. Attia '08 and Justin T. Schwarz '08
  • 2007 winners: Jacob M. Goldberg '07 and Travis J. Maiers '07
  • 2006 winners: Ginger N. Jacobs '06 and Christopher R. Nitkin '06
  • 2005 winners: Adrian A. Accurso '05 and Anne K. Merritt '05
  • 2004 winner:  George S. Chen '04
  • 2003 winner:  Tacy E. Downing '03
  • 2002 winner:  Jennifer H. Amoroso '02
  • 2001 winner:  Laura N. Enomoto '01
  • 2000 winner:  Abigail A. Bickley '00
  • 1999 winner:  Katherine A. Willets '99
  • 1998 winner:  David M. Berkowitz '98