The Dartmouth Graduate Studies Teaching Award

The Dartmouth Graduate Studies Teaching Award (known as the Filene Teaching Award until 2012) is awarded annually to those graduate teaching assistants who best exemplify the qualities of a college educator. The individual should combine personal qualities of dedication and commitment to teaching, with innovation, creativity, preparedness, and efficiency in the classroom. The award is designed to reward students for their activities as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses at Dartmouth College or on Dartmouth College Foreign Study Programs. Instruction activities may take place in laboratories, discussion groups, or other similar forums. Each recipient is selected by the Graduate Studies Office in conjunction with faculty reviewers. Each program or department can nominate one student each year, and Chemistry's nominees and winners are listed below.

Award History

This teaching award, originally made possible by the Lincoln and Therese Filene Foundation, is supported by the Dean of Graduate Studies. The Filene Foundation has contributed generously to Dartmouth College to support programs in Human Relations. The Filene Foundation established the Lincoln Filene Professorship originally held by Professor George Wolford in Psychological and Brain Sciences department. Professor Wolford was instrumental in making possible this teaching award for graduate students.

Nominees, Winners and Co-winners

  • 2019 nominee: Adam Barcewski
  • 2018 nominee: Sam Touchette
  • 2017 nomienn and winner: Michael Stevenson
  • 2016 nominee and winner: Alexandra Panaitiu
  • 2015 nominee and winner: Molly Carpenter
  • 2014 nominee and winner: Justin Lopchuk
  • 2013 nominee and winner: Nicholas B. Tito
  • 2012 nominee and winner: April D. Daigle
  • 2011 nominee and winner: Jennifer L. Taylor
  • 2010 nominee and winner: Timothy W. Chapp
  • 2009 nominee and winner: Colette F. Quinn
  • 2008 nominee: Brandon B. Smith
  • 2007 nominee: Nicholas E. Grossoehme
  • 2006 nominee and winner: William G. O’Neal
  • 2005 nominee and winner: Krum Chuchev
  • 2004 nominee and winner: Yinghua Shen
  • 2003 nominee and winner: William P. Roberts
  • 2002 nominee and winner: Jillian Moncarz