Undergraduate Research for Credit

Qualified majors and minors, normally seniors, may conduct independent research for credit (as Chemistry 87) with permission of the Chair. Students electing the course will carry out preliminary reading during the preceding term and normally participate in a weekly colloquium, as well as conducting an original and individual investigation with associated literature study in one of the fields of chemistry under the supervision of a member of the staff.

Honors Program

The Chemistry Honors Program involves the writing of a thesis based on original experimental, computational or theoretical research. Students whose grades meet the minimum College requirement for honors work may arrange with a faculty member to undertake a project under their supervision and apply for admission to the program. 

The work may be done for academic credit, in the Chemistry 87 (Undergraduate Investigation) class.  To qualify for honors, students carry out a research project for three terms or the equivalent, then write and defend a thesis.  Note that combinations of Chemistry 87 (at least one term is required) and part-time or off-term research can add up to the equivalent of three research terms; please consult with your advisor about the timing.  Chemistry 87 can be taken for credit up to three times but can be used only once to satisfy the courses required for a chemistry major. The program is open to qualified seniors and advanced juniors.

For more information, please read the Chemistry 87 for Students Information, and turn in the completed honors program application.


Members of the faculty assist students in planning their major, selecting graduate schools and in making other career choices. For those going on in medicine, a faculty member often writes the composite letter of recommendation for medical schools.