Roger H. Soderberg

Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

I am interested in the coordination compounds of both transition metals and main group elements. Of special concern are the complexes of divalent lead with traditional bidentate chelate ligands such as beta-diketones and dioximes. The goal in preparing and characterizing these materials is to understand both composition and structure, particularly the influence of the "unshared pair" of valence electrons. My other interests include regional air and water quality problems. These may involve long-range transport and deposition of potentially troublesome elements such as mercury, lead, and cadmium which accumulate in forest soils ans stream sediments with uncertain consequences. The chemical forms in which such metals occur in soils and sediments are interesting because they are probably just as important to their availability to plants and animals as are the total concentrations of the metals. There are also substantial local sources of potentially troublesome metals in several long-abandoned and neglected mine dumps. Deposited in the Connecticut River, these steadily accumulate in the sediments where they become available to plant and animal life.


HB 6128


  • A.B. Grinnell College
  • Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

  • Galasyn, J.F.; Hornig, J.F. and Soderberg, R.H. "The Loss of PAH from Quartz Fiber Filters", APCA Journal 34, 57 (1984).

  • Barefoot, A.C. (III); Galasyn, J.F.; Hornig, J.F. and Soderberg, R.H. "Woodsmoke Analysis: Vaporization Losses of PAH from Filters, and Levo-glucosan as a Distinctive Marker for Woodsmoke", Polynucl. Aromatic Hydrocarbons, M. Cooke, ed., Battelle Press, Columbus, OH; (1984).

  • Barefoot, A.C. (III); Hornig, J.F.; Parravano, C. and Soderberg, R.H. "Impact of Residential Wood Burning on Ambient Air Quality", Measurement and Monitoring of Non-Criteria (Toxic) Contaminants in Air, Air Pollution Control Association (1983).