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  • Presented by the Dartmouth Chemistry Society
    Thursday October 15th
    Check-In and Light Refreshments "Under the Globe" Fairchild Towers

    101 Fairchild
    Panel Discussion Featuring Chemistry Alumni:

    • Jacob Goldberg
    • John Lane
    • Emma Nairn
    • Katherine Schiavoni
    • John Schneekloth, Jr.

    Buffet and Refreshments "Under the Globe" Fairchild Towers


  • Alexander Korotkov, Hui Li, Charles W. Chapman, Haoran Xue, John MacMillan, Alan Eastman, and Jimmy Wu
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015, 54, Early View (DOI: 10.1002/anie.201503934)

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  • FadR is a regulator of fatty acid metabolism and influences virulence in members of the Vibrio family of enteric bacteria including the bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which is responsible for cholera infection in humans. Recent research by Wei Shi in Jon Kull’s group has shown Vibrio FadR contains an unusual C-terminal 40-amino acid insertion. This insertion allows for the binding of an additional fatty acid ligand that causes a greater conformational change to disrupt DNA binding. Structures...

  • Visiting third-graders were treated to a delicious treat by the grad students and staff of the Chemistry Dept. The class from Bradford Elementary enjoyed visiting the Ice Core Lab at Thayer, the greenhouse and animal adaptations presentation at LSC, demonstrations by Chemistry & Physics Dept and the liquid Nitrogen ice cream outside of Burke. One third-grader was overheard exclaiming “This is the best field trip ever!”

  • Harnessing apoptosis, a natural cell death process to eliminate damaged cells, has long been a key strategy in cancer research. Recently, Dale Mierke and his collaborators have identified a small molecule that binds to caspase 8 and enhances its activation in response to TRAIL, a central step in apoptosis. Their findings written in, “A novel caspase 8 selective small molecule potentiates TRAIL-induced cell death,” were published recently in...

  • Dartmouth Professor Glenn Micalizio's team has discovered a new chemical reaction for the stereoselective synthesis of complex angularly substituted decalins (fused carbocyclic structures found in a variety of natural products and therapeutically relevant agents) from the union of alkynes with enynes.  Contributions of this type have the potential to greatly facilitate the search for novel medicinal agents.  Read more of the story...

  • The department welcomes Assistant Professors Katherine Mirica and Chenfeng Ke to our faculty. Both will be joining us in the summer!

  • To help with your decision about a choice of major, please come for pizza, soft drinks and conversation with current chemistry majors and faculty about the delights of a chemistry major.  Thursday, February 26th  -  6:00-8:00pm - first floor of Burke Lab (outside of the Marx Lounge)

  • Norwich, VT - Robert Bruno Alexander Naumann, 85.5 years old, succumbed to Parkinson’s Disease at Hanover (N.H.) Terrace on Wednesday morning, Dec. 10, 2014. Bob was born on June 7, 1929 in Dresden, Germany, the son of Eberhard Bruno and Elsa (Haege) Naumann zu Koenigsbrueck. Given his parents’ divorce and WWII, Bob attended schools far and wide: the Browning School in New York City; the Cranbrook School and the Scots College in Sydney, Australia; the University of California in Berkeley....

  • Dartmouth researchers have found a solution using visible light to reduce waste produced in chemically activated molecular switches, opening the way for industrial applications of nano-technology ranging from anti-cancer drug delivery to LCD displays and molecular motors.  click here to read more