Seminars and Colloquia

Upcoming events will also be posted on our calendar. A complete listing of seminars and colloquia appears below.

Winter 2016

  • January 7th
    John A. Porco, Jr.
    Boston University
  • January 14th
    Karl Griswold
    Thayer School or Engineering
    Dartmouth College
  • January 21st
    Yimon Aye
    Cornell University
  • January 28th
    Emily Asenath-Smith
    Crrel Army Research Labs
  • February 4th
    Peter Green
    University of Michigan
  • February 11th
    Chris Baily-Kellogg
    Department of Computer Science
    Dartmouth College

Spring 2016

  • March 31st
    Peter C. Stair
    Northwestern University
  • April 7th
    Alison Butler
    UC Santa Barbara
  • April 14th
    Charles Henry
    Colorado State University
  • April 21st
    Javier Read de Alaniz
    UC Santa Barbara
  • April 28th
    Erik J. Sorensen
    Princenton University
  • May 5th
    Nilay Hazari
    Yale University
  • May 12th
    William Dichtel
    Cornell University
  • May 17th
    Senior Honors Presentations
  • May 19th
    Senior Honors Presentations
  • May 24th
    Senior Honors Presentations
  • May 26th
    Anthony Davis
    University of Bristol
  • May 28th
    Dartmouth Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry
    [Details and Registration]